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Oluchukwu Akusinanwa

about me

Oluchukwu Akusinanwa AKA LOVEMORE

I am a Nigerian AUSTRIANBASED GENDER-NONCONFORMIST, human rights activist, queer-feminist, singer, songwriter, inspirational speaker, performance artist, co-founder and vice chairperson of QueerBase Austria (Emeritus)active member brunnenpassage choir, board member of Afrorainbow Austria and board member of the Verein zur Förderung migrantischer und queerer darstellender Kunst.

Silencing Gaze

Wienwoche 2020
Performance silencing gaze Wienwoche 2020 Oluchukwu Akusinanwa
© Mercan Sümbültepe

IThe entire performance can be watched online on the Website of Wienwoche 2020. 


poetry of dance and music

I have always been passionate about art, because I love finding ways to perform my creativity. Combining my activism with performance means the world to me.

I am driven by my passion and obsession for art, with delightfulness for artistic performances both verbal and or non-verbal artistic expression.

I thrive in my performances when I see how art unites people arousing unexplainable emotions.

Silenzing Gaze
Wienwoche 2020
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