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SINGER/SONG WRITER, inspirational speaker & performance artist

I am a Nigerian, human rights activist, performance artist, singer, songwriter, co-founder and vice-chairperson of Queer Base Vienna- Austria (Emeritus).

I have already been passionate about art when I was a child. I especially love and enjoy finding ways of putting creativity into and in the form of performance.

Due to gender nonconformity and sexual orientation I had to migrate to Austria in 2014 where I also became an activist for human rights.

My passion for music and singing led me to the Brunnenpassage Choir, which was my second social contact when coming to Austria. Since then our art evolved together and I got to participate regularly.

My passion and obsession for art drives me with delightfulness for artistic performances both verbal and non-verbal. I communicate poetically in dance which allows me to speak through every move. These words spoken in movements cannot be written.

Looking at how art unites people, I am deeply touched. Its message of joy reaches people arousing unexplainable emotions. This is not only true for individuals but also humanity at large.

The unique possibilities of art give me the motivation to create and bring art to people as physical theatre performance, dance, choreography, song writing and singing.

Combining activism and art, I performed at the Wienwoche 2019, a festival for activism, in: Goddesses in diaspora.

At Wienwoche 2020 I performed with Physical Theater Complicit in: How long are you planning to stay.

I also performed with the project group “Silencing Gaze” at the Wienwoche 2020.

Another highlight of the year 2020 was participating in the QM&A Artist Collective. The collective aims at supporting artists new to Vienna to find an entrance into the Viennese cultural sector and advocates for more diversity.

As a percussionist, the sound of the African drum is not only a way of making music but also a means of sending a message through the sound of the rhythm of the beating of the drum. The sound calls for peace and unity from high mountain tops and deep valleys. The drum represents the voice box of Mother Africa: It synchronizes to the heartbeat of her people, her rhythm stirs their bones to single action calling each one of them to love and solidarity.

i believe

activism through art

Solidarity is like a space one could call a base, a favorite place, a place you may begin and end each day, a pride and glory, such a space where stories are told and heard, a place that soaks up all that is said, each corner laced with items that were chosen with care.

From beautiful and creative artistic paintings to activist quotes; the atmosphere being just right, something so near to feeling home and far from not being at home: solidarity.

The picture shows me performing in the  Wienwoche Festival 2019. Oluchukwu can be many things in arts and performance !

Goddesses in Diaspora Wienwoche 2019

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